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Culture For Peace is soon publishing a new Website! The new site will contain more information and many updates on our work in Nepal and Germany.

Expected launch is February 1st 2015. Pre-Launch Link (Logo work in progress):


"In a world where in many regions violence and human rights abuses still endanger sustained and inclusive development, new, creative ways of conflict transformation are demanded"


Culture for Peace - registered in Berlin, Germany - is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 2009. While having an international orientation, we currently focus on the implementation of human rights and peace building projects in Nepal. Together with our sponsors, donors and local partners we succeed in realizing advocacy and capacity building projects to enhance and empower marginalized groups, particularly conflict victims and women, as well as journalists.

The incorporation of strategic arts-based conflict transformation tools and techniques into peace building efforts is a main goal of our organization. We conceive of Culture for Peace as a promoter and agent for the cause of strengthening arts-based approaches to conflict transformation within the "culture and conflict" field. To that end we pursue a fourfold strategy:

1) We participate in developing new and improving existing tool kits and tool boxes in order to be better suited to advice on planning, implementing and evaluating peace building projects that incorporate arts and media as tools

2) As a connector between the persons and groups concerned in post-conflict countries and cooperative and helpful people and institutions, we enable and drive local initiatives by providing consultancy, technical and financial support in the planning, implementation and evaluation process of peace building projects with a focus on arts and media

3) To counteract a lack of cooperation between artists and peace builders to create a strategic framework for conflict transformation, we aim at contributing to enhance and promote such networks

4) We inform partner organizations, donors and sponsors, experts and all interested public  on the topic related backgrounds, promote news and events

In our efforts regarding project work, we strongly focus on community-based needs and subsequent development of local capacities and dialogue structures. All projects of Culture for Peace support local efforts for non-violent, civil and democratic empowerment while we connect local partners with communities and other change makers regardless of religion, ethnicity, caste, gender, age or political background.


Additional Enterprise - Local Social Capital

Next to our main focus as described above we developed a project design for an innovative project in Berlin to support children and young adults with a migration background to be better suited to equally and effectively participate in society and for increasing their chances to gain access to the creative industries. 




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